A sustainable housing environment in Paris

40 social housings and shops with BBC Label

Rue Raymond Losserand / Paris 14ème

Client: SIEMP / Mairie de Paris

Partners: BIG – BET structure

Pénicaud Green Building – BET environnemental

Cost: 5 520 800 €




This project is based on bioclimatic, contemporary and coherent architecture. It answers to the question of quality and sustainability of materials, reduction of the loads and management in the time of the buildings, thanks to the approach of the global cost.

This project is characterized by an sober and evolutionary architecture, far from any latest fad, rich in landscape and use value, thrifty in terms of consumption of materials and energies.

It is an architecture based on the following elements:

- Optimal orientation,

- Maximal solarization (natural light) being the founding element of the architecture,

- Vegetalisation of terraces and roofs,

- Reinforced thermal isolation and acoustics,

- Natural ventilation and cooling, according to the seasons,

- Valorization of the thermal inertia of the buildings,

- Generous report with nature,

- Use of renewable energies, and savings in water consumption,

- Reinforcement of the intimacy and the security of the goods and the people, in particular in common spaces (room bicycles, car parks, local selective waste).