Project of urban and landscaped requalification

Briançon / Hautes-Alpes

Cient: Mairie de Briançon

Cost: 5 500 000 €



The city of Briançon, inhabitant of the border zone of Italy and strengthened by Vauban, threw a consultation of town planning in the objective to master its urban evolution over the next 20 years and to be equipped with a new identity with the arrival of the TGV.

This project allowed us to think about the notion of landscape on the scale of the big territory and the cross-border position of the city, within the framework of an approach of sustainable development which leans on the optimization of all the resources and the potentialities of the site and the public place as lever of the new urbanization of the city center, in osmosis with the nature and the memory of places.

The federative element of the project is the appreciation of the city, its nature and its at the same time playful, tourist and economic activities, begun by the arrival of the cross-border TGV. This restructuring also passes by the opening of the city towards the big landscape of Durance.