Eco living

25 housing and 5 villas and terrasse houses with BBC Label

Avenue Kennedy / Kremlin Bicêtre

Client: Mairie du Kremlin Bicêtre

Cost: 3 200 000 €



The ground, of a surface of 2 429 m2, is situated in the heart of an island of a residential area of High Bicêtre, between the Fort and the Hospital of Kremlin-Bicêtre. It was initially constituted by truck farms, and then became urbanized over the years.

The plot of land is perceived as a residual space in the back of the city. It is indeed enclosed between houses and school equipments, and is only served by a way in dead end.

It is thus a question, at first, of opening up this heart of a small island, by making of this new development a federative element organized around the park, place of sociability and meetings.

The project consists in finding the initial vocation of the site, through a mixed program of collective housing, City Halls and premises of activities, which get organized around a raised privative small place. This patrimonial appreciation aims at federating a new urban co-education thanks to the wealth of the program suggested, a generational co-education as well as a spontaneous, particularly attractive user-friendliness.