Project of eco district

La Guyonnerie / Bures-sur-Yvette / Essonne

Client: Logis Transports / Mairie de Bures-sur-Yvette

In collaboration with Essonne Aménagement / NEXITY / HDC



Between the plate of Saclay and the valley of Chevreuse, spreads the slope of “Guyonnerie” in Bures (town of 10,000 inhabitants), territory of 5 ha, directed full South, which constitutes the last limit between the city and the forest, having never been urbanized. It is characterized by a rich topography, an exceptional biodiversity, a particularly complex geology and a hydrography. The program of urbanisation understands multi-storey dwellings, houses of city, activities, public equipment, trade and tertiary sector.

This project enabled us to question the direction, the significance of the durable city and architecture with an ecological approach, through the scale of the eco-district and that of the building (apartment building, row house, public equipment, activities).