Square du Verger / Rueil Malmaison / Hauts-de-Seine

Client : ICADE / Rueil Malmaison Town Hall

Cost : 6 800 000 €



This project wants to be before any an open, shared and respectful proposal of the human, natural and architectural heritage of this district of Reuil-Malmaison. 

It fits fully in the prospect of the Sustainable development since it brings:

- An undeniable improvement of the living environment of the inhabitants (current and future) and of the neighborhood. The project leans on the Governance and a dialogue reinforced between elected representatives, client, associations and inhabitants.

- A real social diversity and an interdependant citizenship, thanks to the diversity of the proposed housing environment and to the landscaped spaces, which respect the harmony and the toponymy of the place. So, finding the initial vocation of the site " Public garden of the Verger ", we avoid the wasting and the waterproofing of grounds. This patrimonial appreciation federates an urban and generational co-education as well as a spontaneous, particularly attractive user-friendliness. It takes again the topic of the row houses, and the durable urban villas, which are part of the identity of the surrounding districts.

- A real pedagogy of the ecological approach is applied: particularly looked landscaped spaces, minimalisations of the ecological footprint, taken into account by the period of sunshine, by the topography, by the geology-hydrology, by the water management, saving energy, the waste, the use of healthy and sustainable materials (see specific chapter).