Between infrastructure, landscape and sustainable architecture

Urban project on the Channel Islands

St Helier / Jersey

Client : Commune of Jersey



On the influence of the old gas works of the 19th century, located in full heart of Saint Helier, the municipality considers an urban and landscaped project, with the creation of 2 gardens (a French-style, the other one English-style, with a contemporary interpretation) supporting a mixing and a programmatic diversity and including mainly two public gardens, commercial activities, public equipment; the whole built on a base sheltering a car park of 1 500 places.

The project leans on environmental specifications, English label BREEME, and architectural and urban specifications particularly requiring with regard to the site and to the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of the place.

The project articulates around 3 major spaces benches in height and which lean on the base of the parking lot:

- An Italian-style public square with its coffees, in continuity with the public place.

- A french garden, on the second terrace, which welcomes a restaurant in the heart of a pond of water.

- An english garden, on the third terrace, which is a real belvedere on the city, in a rural atmosphere.