Head office of Cyprus Airways company

Label Breeam

Nicosie / Cyprus

Client: Airline Company

Cost: 5 490 000 €




What it is the image of a building of offices in the city and which type of reception does it offer to the public?

Beyond these questions, this competition made it possible to reflect on the workspace and bioclimatic architecture taking into account the North-South exposure of the building, like on the insertion of the building of a garden accessible to the public.

The project is articulated around two bodies of building according to the orientation. The party consists of the organization of individual offices in 3 studs, in the South, with side sights on a water basin, protected from the sun by the large “parasol” of the roof.

In North, we find offices “landscape” who profit from a sight privileged on an orangery.

The materials used are the concrete, glass, the marble and the brick, in a beautiful harmony between shade, light and colors.