Urban renewal in Paris

Rue de Tolbiac Paris 13 ème

Client : Mairie de Paris et Paris Habitat

Cost : 28 300 000 €



It is an urban, architectural and landscaping project, at the scale of the district of Buttes-aux-Cailles, whose perimeter is spread over an area of ​​7,000m2. It includes the demolition, rehabilitation and construction of 217 housing units, a municipal nursery, the creation of a beach for the existing swimming pool, the pacification of traffic, the promotion of soft travel, the requalification of public spaces, the creation of new commercial spaces, and shared gardens. The project is conceived from the angle of the Circular Economy with the priority of recycling land, buildings and materials and the bioclimatic approach of architecture (housing to design with the label E + C-). We have defined the overall project as well as the architecture, the landscape and the public spaces, the programming and the batch sheet (with architectural and landscaping prescriptions) for the realization of this operation by 4 multidisciplinary teams. The project is currently underway.