Realisation of a crib

Rue F. Ponge / Paris 19ème

Client: RIVP / Mairie de Paris

Cost: 3 200 000 €




Which is the role of the public building in the city and which eco-responsible hospitality in charge can offer to early childhood?

Which external image does it convey in the democratic capacity of space and reception citizen?

Hospitality, monumentality, comfort, teaching space and of sensitizing, sensory, merry and poetic space; such are the reflections started through two projects of equipment for early childhood, presented hereafter.  

The first project answers objective triple:

  1. The urban and landscape insertion of this equipment on the Place of the Rhine and the Danube, in the middle of a whole of urban villas, very characteristic of Parisian fabric of the beginning of the 20th century.
  2. Co-education programming science complexes of a public equipment intended for multiple users.
  3. The establishment of a crib in an environment peaceful, significant, wellness, which, leaned with a park, becomes a teaching place, sensitizing with nature and ecology.