Eco-Hotel at Gacilly, Bretagne

Client : SCI Les Tablettes, Groupe Y.Rocher

Cost : 6 700 000€



The group Yves Rocher wanted to create in his fief of origin, in La Gacilly, a Eco-hotel 3 stars which is in total symbiosis with the nature. The hotel fits harmoniously in a steep terrain, which has dictated the organization of the establishment: a backbone perpendicular to the slope includes all services and common poles and ends with a spa lookout on the terrace. valley of the Aff. The 30 chambers following the sinuosities of the level lines are oriented towards the southwest: they are inscribed in the schistous soil and are covered with vegetation. The entire land, backed by the forest and not fenced is treated taking advantage of its natural assets. The construction was carried out in accordance with the bioclimatic and resource saving principles that have earned it the CERTIFI HQE pilot operation for hotels, and the award of the European Ecolabel.

Architect Project Manager: H. Penicaud, Landscaper: Landscape Workshop