To live between court and gardens

20 social housings et 2 workshops of artists

Rue Léon Frot / Paris 11ème

Client: SGIM / Mairie de Paris

Partners: BIG – BET structure

Cabinet Guiheuneuf - Économiste

Cost: 3 400 000 €



How to live and to work, between court and garden in a Parisian suburb?

Such are the challenges of this program of the City hall of Paris.

The question, which we investigated, within the framework of this project, is declined according to the following sets of themes:

  1. The articulation of the scales and the urban forms (collective building, house of city, artist’s workshop).
  2. The relation between architecture and nature around two collective spaces (court and garden).
  3. The Interiority, the intimacy and the spatial quality as well as the materialism of the domestic architecture.
  4. The environmental approach and its impact in the architecture of housing.