Les Olympiades / Paris 13ème

Client : Paris City Hall / Private

Cost : 65 000 000 €



This project of urban requalification, consultation launched by the Town hall of Paris, is articulated around 3 objectives:

- To reunify public spaces and to redefine the domanialities, the functions and the uses in a clear and durable way.

- To connect the ground of the city and the sursol of the flagstone, most naturally possible through landscape installations and natural materials which humanize and soften the image “any concrete” of the district. This in order to leave the flagstone its seclusion and to promote new user-friendliness and new multicultural and generational exchanges.

- To create an animation in the street of Tolbiac (which would be prolonged on the flagstone) which dynamic and is diversified in terms of set of themes, while being based on the real potentialities of the site (faculty, high school, library, multicultural district). This requires as a preliminary to cure the bioclimatic problems (wind, lack of light) and the mixture of incompatible functions (motor vehicle traffic, routes pedestrians), that disturb with the daily newspaper the life at the bottom of turns and on the pavements.  

Very outstanding elements in the urban landscape, at the strategic places in term of accessibility, were designed in order to ensure the return of “the flagstone” the common right of the city, in the fertile continuity and most natural possible with public space.