Chalon-sur-Saône : ZAC des Près-Saint-Germain, project ANRU 

Metamorphosis of a territory at the water's edge



This project, which focuses on the urban renewal of an 80 ha ZAC, allowed us to co-build the issues of a PRU, after conducting a shared diagnosis and consultation with all the actors: - Reconciling the territory with its geography, for a new and strengthened identity, by the establishment of a coherent green and blue frame that opens the neighborhood towards the water.

- To open up and connect this district with the city center, thanks to a public transport (bus in own site) and bike paths, which put it to 10 'of the latter.

- Clarify and prioritize the road network, pacify the circulation and promote the permeabilization of the soil.

- Clarify the lands with a readable address and visible parcellaire, make legible uses and limits- Make the landscape and public spaces structuring elements with regard to residentialisations and future land changes.

- Conduct a policy of rehabilitation, deconstruction of Recycling and ambitious urbanization.

- Propel a functional, programmatic and social mix by new structuring public facilities and a great diversity of housing that transform this old zup into an ordinary and attractive neighborhood in the agglomeration and initiate the return of the district of Prés-St-Jean to the common law of the city. Based on these orientations, we have defined a Guide Plan, with priorities for actions and short-, medium- and long-term financing, and establishment of a governance. expanded, well anchored in neighborhood life.