Project of vertical garden

Noguères Street / Paris 19ème

Client: Mairie de Paris / DPJEV

Partners: BIG

Cost: 190 000€



Alternative to the design of green spaces, the hanging garden seeks to become a new reference of the presence of nature and biodiversity dense downtown, especially in the old center, very marked by minerals spaces.

This project enabled us to reflect on the nature of the garden, beyond typologies resulting from the models of the 19th century (parks, public gardens, parks). He was thought like “a landscape anteroom of the school”, a place of life and sociability for the parents expecting their children.

The walk is put rhythm into by benches out of wooden and flowers stand produced with braided chestnut. On both sides of lattice, the children of the three schools of the street Henri-Noguères painted a very coloured fresco. A climbing and odorous vegetation supports as for it the creation of a “sequence of nature” and sociability, with the image of the “pocket garden” in New York.